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Dr. Andrea Holzner, Ph.D.


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Dr. Holzner is a Gerontologist specializing in Alzheimer's disease. As a certified clinical psychologist, professor, and published researcher, she is actively involved in helping provide those with Alzheimer's, and their loved ones, with the highest quality of life. She is continuously engaged in speaking nationally on relevant Alzheimer's topics. Her focus is on geriatric patient care and best practices, ethical standards, and human rights. She counsels on life transitions, grief, caring, and family support. Through experience & academia, she manages to achieve compassionate insight into the major issues relating to forms of grief, aging transitions, intimacy, and the end-stage of life. Her holistic approach integrates mind, body, and spirit to provide wellness and the highest quality of life for her patients.  


She currently spends her time in her practice, consulting, researching, speaking on Alzheimer's, and playing with her dog George. Andrea facilitates support groups and is involved with local charities. She has been a Board Member for disabilities and education in the Arts, as well as has written for publications. She was featured for monthly sessions on CCTV monthly – speaking on aging – and is currently working on her book De-prescribing Our Parents. 

Through a unique combination of personal experience as a daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient, academic research, and professional expertise, Andrea provides guidance on ethical, comprehensive methodologies for the aging ecosystem and rural aging sustainability. She assists families, healthcare providers, government agencies, and NGOs.


Her patients and their family and loved ones appreciate her calm demeanor, professionalism, and compassion. She always has a smile and a welcoming embrace for bringing the highest quality of life to others.

Helping you to achieve best practices in geriatric patient care and aging!

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How can you achieve best practices in geriatric patient care?

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