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How to Enhance Geriatric Practices


Course Objectives 1. Identify the geriatric patient and their needs 2. Understand geriatric treatment planning and new approaches 3. Define sustainable geriatric practices This program develops an understanding of Alzheimer's and multi-morbidities facing geriatric patients. Providers, healthcare workers, and organizations focusing on aging can benefit from this program (online or face-to-face) to: ~Enhance best practices and ethical care ~Minimize injury and claims ~Find new approaches to procedures and treatment planning ~Determine sustainability with patients ~Develop leadership and outreach in the community ~Find sustainable rural aging solutions Alzheimer's disease is significantly increasing due to the Baby Boomer demographic. Geriatric patients comprise 30-50% or more of a provider-patient base. Geriatric care demands innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approaches. This course provides an understanding of the geriatric patient, communication techniques with patients and with caregivers, and innovative approaches to treatment planning, services, and sustainable patient care. Minimizing disease and providing a better overall provider/patient care experience as well as incorporating the caregiver in long-term planning, are critical for sustainable geriatric care. Call today for pricing and group rates.

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