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Hospital, Hospice, & Clinic Geriatric Patient Care

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Objective: 1. Assess best practices for older adults 2. Helping staff understand the needs of geriatric patients 3. Find solutions to sustainable patient care This program assists hospitals, clinics, and hospices to understand better the needs of geriatric patients, the nuances of Alzheimer's and co-morbidities, and how to provide: ~Enhanced geriatric care at all echelons starting with admissions ~Understand best practices and ethical care ~Minimize injury, risk, and claims ~Find sustainable solutions to records, treatment planning, and outpatient followup ~Develop leadership in the community for geriatric practices This program is for hospital staff, provider clinics, and hospice healthcare workers. Additionally, long-term care communities can benefit from this program by understanding practical solutions to challenging behaviors, changes to cognition, and finding solutions. This program: ~Minimizes injury and claims ~Reduces turnover ~Creates options for sustainability Call today for program rates.

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