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Advanced Geriatric Educational Solutions is a national leader in healthcare and Alzheimer's Provider practice education, caregiving, and aging services. 

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Dr. Andrea Holzner, Ph.D.

Hello! I am Dr. Andrea R. Holzner, a gerontologist, professor, and published researcher. I founded Alzheimer’s Integrative Wellness Group and Advanced Geriatric Educational Solutions to support you as a healthcare professional improve your communications with seniors and support you as you progress through this phase of life. I consult and speak nationally on the aging ecosystem, geriatric patient care, retirement, and rural aging sustainability. I present at national conferences on the complexities of aging, policies, and supporting the industry with enhanced geriatric best practices. My attendees state that my webinars and workshops are informative, innovative, and inspirational--bringing understanding to complex aging issues such as finding life after retirement, best practices, and even, intimacy and sexuality. As a neuropsychologist and experienced corporate business analyst, I am actively involved in helping professionals navigate their geriatric practices. Through my education and experience, I am able to address the full diapason of psychological, social, and environmental challenges facing those in our healthcare industry, our leadership, and our aging ecosystem.

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"Dr. Holzner is absolutely an expert in her field.  With her vast knowledge of research and clinical experience, she can bring this topic to the real world in real-time.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated practitioner committed to helping other professionals understand and elevate their own services"

Dr. Stokes, Oregon Dental Conference

Dr. Holzner presented to our senior placement association this past fall. She put a great deal of thought and preparation into creating content that would be valuable to the group and assist us in our work. Dr. Holzner provided not only factual evidence regarding the needs of older adults with dementia but also shared personal experiences that spoke to what we all face daily in our work. We look forward to having her present in the future.

Bess Lindahl, OSRAA

Easy to work with and eager to share her passion to help the older adult population, Dr. Andrea Holzner provides practicum information for health professionals and caregivers. Attendees found her presentation well organized and clear.  Topics discussed were communication strategies for patients with dementia, how to recognize cognitive changes that occur, and how to treatment plan and provide physical services for older adults.   We look forward to her next virtual presentation on July 15, 2022, on Oral Healthcare Access for Alzheimer’s Patients in Rural Regions.

Texas Oral Health Coalition

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